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Web-technologies for tourism are our subject!

We specialize in the development of tourism projects for foreign companies.
Among our clients are: resorts, hotels, tourism representative offices, host companies and many others.

Our projects
Our projects
Our services
Excellent knowledge of the travel market allows us to suggest practically feasible and functional solutions.
Telemark is a style of Alpine skiing that demands particular kind of skis and ski-binding. What is so attractive about telemark? Elegance of a turn, feeling of freedom, and, of course, unforgettable impressions of skiing along untrodden expanse.

Of course, our basic goal is to create and support web-sites as well as to advertise on the Internet. We have nothing to do with Alpine skiing but still call ourselves «Telemark». The reason is the following. Our specialization is a complicated area that requires professional dexterity, versatility of thinking, constant upgrade of skills, knack of solving of difficult and extraordinary tasks, work on the result.

We know the Runet peculiarities and offer you our services in different fields of business.
  • Our services
  • Creation of web-sites
  • Support and development
  • Web-promotion
  • Contextual advertising
  • Our advantages
  • 18 years work on the web-developement market
  • More than 80 of favorite clients
  • Cohesive team of specialists
  • More than 150 of completed projects
Telemark is a web studio from Russia. We have been creating web-sites since year 2005. We have offices in two cities – Moscow and Tula.
Our clients are PR Agencies, clothing brands, business
development companies and others.
We get a lot of pleasure from extraordinary projects, we are always ready to unexpected turns in our work if it is necessary to achieve the goal. Flexible and versatile approach helps a lot to get a true result.

Representing goods and services of the companies we produce adapted translation for the Russian audience taking into consideration specific character of Runet and the market. The result is the true image of a company and correctly presents advantages and originality of goods and/or services.

The best way to be closer to your clients is to be closer to Telemark.
Moscow, Starokaluzhskoe highway, 62

Telephone: (495) 725-40-47

Address: Moscow, m. "Kaluzhskaya", Starokaluzhskoe highway, 62

Telephone: (495) 725-40-47

Address: 300013, Tula, 9 maya St., 3, office 312b

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